In the first lesson we will determine your level, goal, and how much time you will be ready to dedicate to English.

We will have lessons on my one platform designed for your comfort.

You will have your personal account where we will do all our learning activities in real time.

I offer:

Individual lessons

You are going to be the ones who speak the whole lesson/ most part of the lesson – it all
depends on your personality, motivation, and goal!

Duration: 50 min
Price: 12 €

Pair lessons

2 students of the same level and interests having the lesson with one tutor.
Some students prefer this to individual lessons because it boosts their confidence, they find it
easier to speak when there is someone else, not just them and the teacher.

Duration: 50 min
Price: 8 €

Group lessons

A great opportunity to get rid of speaking barriers and fears, as well as staying motivated
because of your groupmates.
3-5 students of similar levels

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: 5 €

“Phone Call” lessons

It is not a secret that you learn English when you are immersed in it as more as possible. So in
case you don’t have time or opportunity to practice your English with anyone else, you can easily
talk to me IN ENGLISH during 15 minutes. It is going to boost your English level a lot faster than
you might imagine.

Duration: 15 min
Price: 4,5 €

I teach:

  • Spoken English
    We will discuss various topics that interest you in order for you to be more comfortable and proficient in
  • General English
    We will touch upon every aspect of English language as Speaking, Listening, Grammar, Pronunciation,
    Writing. We will pay more attention to aspects you struggle with.
  • Accent Neutralization
    I will be able to guide and correct you in order to make you sound more native or international.
  • Grammar
    If your weak point is Grammar, we will go through the rules and use them correctly.
  • I am flexible in changing materials, so if you need English for other specific goals, like Business
    English, English for Travelling, etc – you are welcome to book your first lesson.

Buy an 8 lessons package and get 1 free lesson!